Lets Play Lucky Spot

Experience the winning and the excitement of playing Simple (even a six year old can do it), Easy Games with your friends or with people around the world. Create your own board or join other members boards. The interactive, Real-Time chat function will make your playing more real and more enjoyable.

You can win in each play and get great prizes from the Jackpot. The system will deduct 5% of every amount you bet. Use that amount to create a Jackpot Ticket to participate in the winning of the BIG Jackpot.

Easy To Play

Browse all Winspotz boards to look for the prize you are interested in.

When you find the board you want to play, just click “Play Now” to enter the board.

It's easy to play, just choose any number [0-9] you like. The winning numbers were already defined when the board was generated, and that is easy to prove. You can check it up by clicking the ‘PROVABLY FAIR’ button.

You can grab more than one spot to increase your chances of winning.

After the board completes, the system will show the lucky 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner. Each spot can be the winner of more than one position. That means you can be the the1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner.

You can also cancel your spot, but you will need to wait for 6 hours to avoid interrupting in the board activity.

In the event that you lose, you will still have a chance to win the Jackpot from the System, which has up to 10 Prizes and Pays up to 10,000 USD!

In the event that you win, where for example, you are the 2nd winner and the prize is $125. The system will deduct from that $125, 10{{p1}} House Edge, so you will receive $112.50 ($125 - $125x10{{p2}} = $112.5)


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